Fiber additive of high quality for a SMA pavement

Fiber additive of high quality for a SMA pavement






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1. What is a SMA Method?
It is a paving method maximized a resisting force against a plasticity transformation by minimizing a transformation effect by letting the input character of aggregate go in gear in the optimum condition, a aggregate breakaway and a crack in order to increase the fuidity and endurance of an asphalt pavement as an asphalt paving method being applied in all European countries including German and the United States(FHWA).

2. Concept of SMA
SMA mixture=aggregate+MASTIC(asphalt+sand+filler)+ASCON-CEL

(Cellulose Fiber)

Structure of SMA

Structure of SMA is a mixture which can fill between the gaps of thick aggregate as shown in a figure and this mastic works as a paste consolidating aggregate and aggregate.



3. Basic Concept of Compact Density/the SMA Mixture

Reaction force transmission Conception of the compact density asphalt mixture  


Reaction force transmission Conception of the SMA mixture  

The transmission resistance characteristic of the mixture depends on a friction force between pebbles and viscosity of an asphalt binder rather than aggregate goes in gear.


Unlike aggregate, adhesion force of the SMA mixture to the asphalt binder is allowed to prevent a crack and the concept shows that the all the resisting forces against a compression force and a shear force are created because aggregate goes in gear



4. Aggregate structure character of the plain mixture and the SMA mixture  



 5. Advantage of the SMA mixture
1.Excellent resistance against a plasticity transformation under the conditon of an high    temperature .
2.Mastic including fiber elements minimizes crack creation and a breakaway.
3.Friction resistance is excellent because a surface structure is coarse and driving is safe because water membrane is not created and the road surface is not reflected    on a rainy day.
4. Noise is decreased(2~4db)
5. A resisting force against abraison is excellent.
6. Life is prolonged(3~5times) and maintenance is economical because endurance is better than an exisiting pavement
7. 4~11 times stabler than compact density asphalt.


6. What is ACON(Additive)?
ASCON-CEL, a vegetable fiber(cellulose fiber), is not a smooth fiber of identical thickness. As shown in a figure, thickness is not uniform and has a flat figure. It also has ability enough to absorb a lot of asphalt because there are gaps on the surface. This is the product manufactured precisely in a granule type(cylindrical grain) in order to make dispersion easy by weighing and pouring these fibers.


Cellulose Fibers: figure enlarged by 400 times  



7. Purpose and Function of ASCON-CEL
ASCON-CEL is used on purpose to prevent asphalt from flowing down when the SMA mixture is manufacrured, transported and paved.

A lot of thick pebbles are used for SMA and in order to enhance a resisting force  against the brealaway and the crack of a lot of pebbles. At this time, ASCON-CEL(fiber additive) is used(increment of covering thickness) on purpose to keep a  lot of asphalt stable.

ASCON-CEL as a part of asphalt binders increases the endurance, the fatigue the and crack of the mixture against aging and moisture permeation. This is the characteristic of the SMA mixture structure.




8.Concept of SMA mixed with Cellulose Fibers

<Phenomenon that asphalt flows down>





<ASCON pouring>

Asphalt aggregate is coated well by pouring Cellulose fibers


<Asphalt is prevented from flowing and covering thickness is increased>  





9. Physical Property of ASCON
 1. Cellulose Fibers
maximum length: 5
average length: 1.2
fiber pieces: 3.9 millions/g

 2, Granules
color: grey
type: cylindrical pellet
gravity : 1.52/
ingredient: fiber+little additive
moisture rate: about 6%
noxious ingrdient: none

 10. How to use ASCON



Purpose used        

It prevents the SMA mixture from bleeding or flowing down and is on purpose to minimize the breakaway and crack of aggregate by  maximizing the effect letting aggregate go in gear.


use volume

Use 4kg/ton of the SMA mixture(the limit range of ASCON-CEL is ± 10% of a required fiber load. Additives can be added according to the blueprint or the specification.

Mixing Method

it is a pronciple to input through an automatc weighing and pouring device while aggregate heated in a weighing mill or a pug mill of the SMA manufacturing plant is filled



manufacture at higher temperature than the plain mixture so that  

ASCON- CEL can be dispersed and AP can be absorbed well.

Mixing time

Do dry mixing for 5 seconds and wet mixing for more than 40  seconds



Freeways. roads. streets, bridges, airports, ports


Packing unit: 500/Bag 1,000/Bag

Please intall after consulting our company when you equip an automatic input  device of ASCON- CEL




13 SMA pavement


Plain compact density asphalt pavement


 13 SMA mixture testing body