PVA fiber reinforcement for the crack prevention of concrete/mortar

PVA fiber reinforcement for the crack prevention of concrete/mortar





The main raw material of CON-FRC is a PVA(polyvinyl acohol) fiber. An existing composite fiber is a product made from petrochemistry and the raw material of the PVA fiber is a polyvinyl alcohol obtained from an oxygen, a carbon and an hydrogen molecule. This product is made in only Korea and Japan in the world.

The PVA fiber is called to be an hydrophile property fiber because a fiber itself is hydroxyl. The adhesion and dispersion property is very excellent because it has a freindly relation with a concrete matrix. A fiber itself has An high tensipn force, the good tension coefficient, the low extension rate, the excellent resisting property against anti-acid and alkaline and it is a substance enough to be used as a food wrapping material.




Material                            : Polyvinyl alcohol  

Elastic Coefficient(kgf/) : 110,000 ~ 370,000

Tension Strength(kgf/)   : 7,000 ~ 20,000

Tension Rate(%)              : 6 ~ 10

Gravity                              :1.260

Melting point()               : 220 or more

Fiber Diameter()            : 8 ~ 16

Fiber Length()               : 6 ~ 12  

[Chemical formula of CON-FRC]



The fiber reinforcement which can be used for the cement compound body must not be transformed by alkaline, required is endurance which can tolerate natural condition for a long period and it plays an effective role in increasing several physical properties within the cement compound body. The CON-FRC, therefore, satisfies these requirements.

High tension strength, excellent coefficient and low length rate.

   Compared to other orgenic fibers, the CON-FRC has enough strength to prevent       the crack of a cement matrix because it has high tension strength, an excellent       coefficient and a low length rate.

Great relation with the cement matrix.

   The CON-FRC, hydroxyl, is called to be an hydrophile property fiber and an         adhesion force is excellent because it has a good relation with the cement matrix.


Great anti-acid/alkaline

   The CON-FRC, with good anti-acid/alkaline, is not transformed after elapsing and     is not influenced by a season and an ultraviolet ray.


Great dispersion

An uniform dispersion within the concrete matrix is crucial and a characteristic is that dispersion and adhesion are excellent because the CON-FRC has hydroxyl of a fiber itself. The CON-FRC is moistured in the process of manufacture and this moisture content is very effective for dispersion  within the concrete matrix.


The property of the CON-FRC; higher is the reinfocement effect that controls the crack of concrete/mortar and it makes the cement compound body more compact because an high elastic coefficient, great tension strength, a low length rate, great anti-chemical, anti-rust, great adhesion to various matries and dispersion are highly evaluated. Enhanced is a resisiting force against tension strength, bending, impact, damage, fatigue and a repetition load by bridging between fibers because it has  many fibers per unit volume and very effectively improved is the dynamical property of the cement compound body.

The CON-FRC is widely used as a fiber reinforcement in an industrial field such asl concrete/mortar, reinforcement function of two dimensional cement products, plastics, paints and rubbers


The CON-FRC has excellent plasticity and the character of fine shrinkage and crack cocntrol. This is because a fiber itselt has hydroxyl and its adhesion is excellent. It has many fibers per unit volume and effevtively controls the creation and growth of a tiny crack.

[Comparison of Crack Reduction Effect of Plain, PP fiber and CON-FRC]


Plain Fiber 

PP Fiber


Crack Width()




Crack Area()




Crack Reduction






[Spolling Phenomenon of Slabs]

[Rapaired Example without Fibers]

[Spolling Phenomenon of Guardrails and Walls]



The CON-FRC influences on slump reduction, air volume increment. But the CON-FRC has excellent adhesion to the concrete matrix. Compared to the composite reinforcement fiber, the width of slump reduction and the increment of air volume appear to be little because a validity diameter and length are short. Finish influences on work and excellent workablility can be obtained because the length of a fiber is short and tiny.



The CON-FRC is used on purpose to improve a concrete behavior and initially partial plasticity control and drying/shrinkage/crack caused by the volume change of constrained concrete.


◉Compression strength: compared to fibers which are not mixed with plain and high strength concrete fibers, it is influenced on compression strength increment on basis of 28 days' strength when the mixing rate of the CON-FRC is 0.07%.

◉Bending capacity(bending strength & tension): compared to the bending capacity of plain concrete, the CON-FRC is increased when being mixed and shows the best result when a mixing rate is 0.07%. Compared to a fiber reinforcement, it seems that the increment range of bending capacity is large.


[Bending Strength comparison of Plain Fiber,
PP Fiber and CON-FRC]

[Bending Strength comparison of Plain Fiber,
PP Fiber and CON-FRC]






Initial plasticity and crack control of concrete/mortar

Increment of a resisting force against impact and damage

Tension strength and bending endurance increment of a structure

Endurance increment of fatigue and a repetition loa

Improvement of a resisting force against freezing and melting

Permeability reduction(reduction of rusts)

Reduction of aggregate sinking when concreting

Omittance of wiremeshes and metal laces

Increment of increment when shotcreting and reduction of rebounding

Neutrality is prevented when being used for two dimensional cement

products, indoor & outdoor materials and floor stuffs.


[Figure which CON-FRC is distributed onto concrete (50times enlarged)]  



Concrete pavement structures (freeways, upper decks of bridges, moorings, farm

roads and others), tunnel linings, median strips, protective walls, structures of water

supply and drainage, dams, canals, ocean structures, concrete slab decks (parking

lots, storages, plants, flat works), walls and floor finishing mortar.

[Use Example of CON-FRC]



Apartment complex, condominiums and wiremeshed in concrete


Examples used for damage and abrasion on the slab of a container pier.


It is an example substituted on purpose to reduce the crack and permeability of a water tank and an oil tank.



example substitued on purpose to enhance a resisting force against impact,
 moorings impacted and damaged and for median strips and protective walls.

Repairing work (overlay work of 5cm thickness) for complex distribution terminals


It is an example substituted for reinforced bars used for tunnel work of water supply.



The CON-FRC is harmonious with any mixing material and does not have bad influence. Any additive is also not required.




Standard volume: 09kg(bag) per 1m³ of concrete/mortar.

Increased according to the specific purpose or site condition.

Mixing Plan

No change: a composite fiber is treated as an additive without regard to a mixing plan.(it can be simply added without an amendment of a mixing rate because influence on strength is not almost exist.) The reinforcement of Super Strong CON-FIBER in concrete is functioned by a physical action, not by a chemical action. The  mixing plan is not influenced because a fiber content is very little.

Mixng Method 

Input: Pour Super Strong CON-FIBER of required volume into a plant mixer or a site mixer.

Mixing time: depends on manufacturing volume in case of input into a batch plant or a site mixer.


Same as plain concrete/mortar.
Workablility: a slump can be shown by aggregate sinking.

Workability is also same as plain concrete/mortar.

Water must not be added after a naked eye inspection is taken.

Pumpability: pump work is easier because the surface of a fiber is more slippery than aggregate, and a resisting force is very little.


Same as plain concrete/mortar.
Start to finish when bleeding water is run dry.  



The packing unit of CON-FRC is 0.9kg/bag(10 bags/box) and special packing is available according to customers' order requests. 

[Being used in purpose to increase a resisting force against plasticity, drying/shrinkage/crack prevention, permeability reduction, impact/damage and abraison by using CON-FRC on the concrete floor of parking lots, plants and storages]




(Super CON-FRC )

(Super CON-FRC II)  





 Two dimensional cement products(ondoor & outdoor materials, floor materials, finish stones, sidewalk bricks, piles, electric poles)


 Concrement pavement roads,farm roads, moorings. freight terminals, squares.


 Bridge slab concrete(upper decks of an express train bridge, structures of water supply and drainage, dams, cannals, ocean structures, subway strucres)


 Apartment complex, floor concrete of buildings(parking lots, plants, storages,  stores, metal decks)


 Super CON-FRC Mortar


 Plain mortar

Plain mortar mortar

Reinforcement of plain mortar and wiremesh

Reinforcement of Super CON-FRC