Super Poly FRC
Concrete polyolefin fiber reinforcement of high capacity

Concrete polyolefin fiber reinforcement of high capacity



Super    POLY-FRC ®




A POLY-FRC reinforcement as a high strength fiber of 100% Polyorefin is thicker, longer and stronger than Polypropylene composite fiber(Vf = 0.1%, 0.9) which has been used as an existing concrete reinforcement fiber and is a FRC reinforcement which can mix up to volume fraction=1˜2%.
An high ratio of mixing volume has better structural capacity effect than the result obtained by the 2nd dimensional reinforcement effect (effect of plasticity/shrinkage/crack control). Super POLY-FRC, therefore, is used instead of steel fibers and wire meshes.




Type & Length



 Dia: 0.38, 0.63
Length: 25, 50

  Distribution is excellent.


Width: 1.8
Thickness: 0.84 
Length: 30, 50

Distribution and adhension  are
 excellent by making an surface
 hydrophile property.


 Dia: about 0.9 Length: 30, 50

 Increment of adhension and   softness
  property. Increment of  a resisting force
 against bending,  fatigue and impact of
  a moving    load.

Shapes of products listed above are made precisely for a pullout resisting force so as to enhance capacity after a crack is created by a concrete reaction and manufactured precisely in order to enhance structural capacity by settling down in concrete effectively.
Specially, they enhance a resisting force against a moving load, bending and fatigue by increasing the optimum tension and softness property of hardened shotcrete.

[Shotcreting figure for stabilization of a rock bed]

[Shotcreting figure by pieces]






Elastic Coeff.

35,000 f/


Very High




Tension strength

4,500 f/

Tension rate


The POLY-FRC reinforcement of high capacity is contributed to enhance structural capacity because of mixing much more composite fibers than the existing plain concrete reinforcement fibers and increases endurance and softness property by enhancing a resisting force against fatigue and impact of a moving load.
A steel fiber which has been used until now has bad stability and an economic loss because rebounding volume increases with its heavy load shotcreting. There are many problems in structure or in apperance because it is rusted where an underground structure contains much moisture and underground water is infiltrated.
What is developed to solve these problems is an high strength POLY-FRC reinforcement and its characteristic is what solved the problem of a function loss caused by rusts because self-weight is little and it resists strongly against moisture.

A welding iron cage taking a lot of time is not required.

Increment of shotcrete adhesion and reduction of rebounding

Increment of one time shotcreting thickness

Easy shotcrete pumping(pumping is soft and easily uniformed by a pumping pressure reduction)

Increment of endurance against fatigue and a repetition load.

Increment of endurance against impact and damage.

Better than 2nd reinforcement effect, and endurance against a larger load.

Excellent crack control with three dimensional reinforcement.

Increment of work safety(compared to steel fibers)

Less abrasion of a mixer.


concrete pavement structures (freeways, upper decks of bridges, moorings, farm

roads and others), tunnel linings, median strips, protective walls, structures of water

supply and drainage, dams, canals, ocean structures, concrete slab decks (parking

lots, storages, plants, flat works), walls and floor finishing mortar.


The POLY-FRC reinforcement is harmonious with all kinds of compound materials and has good influence on them. Any separate additive is not required in order to use the POLY-FRC..



Standard Vol

9kg/1 of comncrete(packing unit:9kg/bag)

                Increased by the specific purpose.

Mixing Plan

Each mixing plan is required for each structure.

                The POLY-FRC reinforcement is functioned by a physical action,not by a chemical action.

Mixing Method

Input: pour directly required volume into a batch plant or a site mixer.

                Mixing time: depending on manufacturing volume.


Same as plain concrete
Workability :A slump is somewhat shown by aggregate sinking,but workability is                     same as plain concrete.(Water must not be added after a naked eye inspection is taken)
Same as plain concrete.  


Start to finish when bleeding water is run dry.

A pack is 9kg/bag and it is possible to to be packed specially by the customers'requests.